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30th Anniversary Photographic Competition
As part of its 30th Anniversary celebrations, Northamptonshire Archaeological Society (NAS) is holding a modest photographic competition. Members of NAS, of other local societies in Northamptonshire and anyone else with an involvement or interest in the archaeology of Northamptonshire is invited to enter. The closing date for entries is 1st January 2005.

Competition Theme
The competition theme is a record of any aspect of archaeology within Northamptonshire in the last 30 years. This can involve field survey, excavation, post excavation work, finds, historic landscape, historic buildings, industrial archaeology, a NAS or other local society event or activity or indeed any aspect of the wide field of archaeology as practised in the historic county of Northamptonshire.

The photographer whose photograph best represents the competition theme, as judged by the NAS Committee, will receive a cash prize of £50. A second prize of £25 will also be awarded. In additional two junior prizes (aged 16 or under), each of £20, will be awarded.

To download an entry form click here.

NAS Photo Competition Rules

  1. Please submit entries as prints preferably 6" x 4" (though 7" x 5" will also be accepted).

  2. Black & white or colour prints only please. This includes digital photos printed on suitable paper.

  3. Up to a maximum of 5 photographs to be submitted per entrant. Each entrant to complete a competition entry form.

  4. Entries from individuals, groups or organisations are welcome.

  5. All entries must state:
    (An annotated label attached to the back of the photo will suffice)

    1. Name & contact details of entrant (see also entry form)
    2. Title/subject of picture(s).
    3. Location(s) of pictures.
    4. Date of picture.
    5. Any other relevant information.

  6. Northamptonshire Archaeological Society reserves the right to use/copy any photograph submitted during or after the competition for purposes in connection with the competition, or for other purposes including display. Photos may also be used on the Society website. The Society will acknowledge the photographer in the event of his/her entry being so used.

  7. NAS would like to retain photographs for inclusion in a Society archive. If, however, you would prefer your photographs to be returned, please enclose a suitably sized stamped and self addressed envelope with your entry.

  8. It is the photographer's responsibility to ensure that photographs are taken with the consent of any relevant landowner, organisation, individual and owner/occupier of any building/structure or object featured.

  9. Only photographs for which the entrant holds the copyright may be entered in this competition.

  10. The NAS Committee decision on the winners will be final. NAS will not enter into any discussion or correspondence regarding their decision.

  11. Closing date for entries is 1st January 2005. The winners will be announced later in the year. Results will also be published in NASNEWS and here on the Society's website.